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2003-08-09 - 8:19 p.m.


I'll admit I have been missing in action. I've really been missing in IN-ACTION, because my ass has been on the couch, enjoying the sweet nothingness of Saturday.

I *might* be getting a new template. That's all I'll say until I know for sure. There are a few dilemmas involved in getting a new template for me.

First of all, I believe that some of you just tune in to see Trent. I think that Trent is a good luck charm. So I kinda hate to rip him down. But life goes on....

Second dilemma: I like things that are a little dark and edgy... classic and historical.... Renaissance and rich with detail and deeeeeep color.... then I write about cat barf and ghosts. Ya know? Should I get a goofy template to match my silly self?

Should I let someone just run wild, creating a look for me without my input, or should I try to tap into the teets of wilber for that one-of-a-kind mojo? Feedback... I need feedback.


I haven't said anything about my 7 year old lesbian, alcoholic, Elvis impersonator nephew for awhile.

It's high time I shared the El Chico experience.

Every now and then, I go pick him up and we spend the day doing fun stuff. He likes tacos, so we sometimes go to El Chico for dinner. He's usually quite the gentleman, although he is given to episodes in which he "performs" for a nearby table, shucking and jiving in all his Elvis impersonating glory. Once in awhile he gets confused and lapses into "King of the Hill" mode and starts imitating the fat kid, dancing around and saying "Watch me shake my bawdy". This is usually where I grab him by the nape of his neck and threaten his life.

But I digress...

Last time we went to dinner there, he was being very grown-up about everything, he ordered his own food, complete with all kinds of intricate instructions. After he had eaten about all he was going to eat, he started playing around, going under the table, popping up next to me, disappearing again and giggling a lot. Everything was cool until he popped up with THE SMIRK on his face. It's a smirk that I know very well. And it means he farted. I said "NO YOU DIDN"T!" he giggled and said "Yes I did, TWICE!" So I said "You were such a gentleman last time we came here. What happened?" and he got this wise-sage look on his face and said "Well Mimi, life is full of surprises." haha.

He is my favorite boy.


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