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2005-10-21 - 10:22 p.m.

I am SO glad it's Friday.

I am going to have to go back down south next week, because the new billing manager told me she can really tell which hospitals I do the coding at. She is having a lot of trouble collecting at the other facilities due to their lack of coding skillz. Soooo, I'm going to go down there and see what's up with that, plus do a little teaching.

Last week when I went down south, I forgot my camera. I must remember to bring it with me, because I was kicking myself for some of the missed photo ops. I saw a hand painted sign at the end of someone's dirt driveway that said "Orka for sale".

Now, we all know "Orca" is the proper name for a killer whale, (thank you, Klugarsh) while "Okra" is a vegetable. I'm guessing this poor orka farmer dropped out of school before they moved on to spelling the big 4 letter words.

I saw a few other interesting sights, such as a giant, phallic-looking structure with Mr. Philly's real first name on it in huge letters. Sometimes I think the universe is trying to tell me something...

And sometimes I think the universe is just a mean school-yard bully that finds your weak spot and relentlessly hammers it.

And now... a question for you to ponder: Why do dogs smack all the time? Abby is sitting here chewing nothing, loudly. She frequently jumps up to gobble up imaginary ants. It's a sad case of canine psychosis. She's currently mesmerized by my shadow on the wall.

I am kind of sleepy and it is time for me to lay in my beckoning bed, on my astoundingly fabulous shimmery sheets with the fine black paisley design, and watch the undersides of my eyelids instead of whatever show I cue up from the TiVo list.

The night is young...Maybe I'll try to watch the second episode of "Lost".

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