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2005-11-15 - 9:04 p.m.

I got my money today. It was wired directly into my account as promised. I'm happy about that. I was talking to Mr. Moneybag$, the chief investor, and I told him that the computer we use for transmitting data in for payment is an old decrepit piece of crap and he said "Hang on just a moment..." then I heard him yell to one of his employees to ship me a new computer immediately and try to have it delivered tomorrow. Then he came back to the phone and said "There. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

You KNOW I did not say a word about making sure the money is in the payroll account before he hands out checks next time. No smart ass comments at all emerged from my demure and lady-like mouth.


I've made a decision about my exercise routine. I wanted to add something, so I'm getting an Ab-lounger. I *considered* joining a gym, but I think not. I have the use of the treadmill for free at work and I think just adding some ab work will be the perfect thing to do. Later I may add a little weight training. Not enough to make me man-up, just a little bit of definition for the triceps, shoulders, and back. I want to keep everything balanced, dontcha know.

Update on the crazy love-struck therapist situation: I now have a really solid non-hurtful reason to refuse the therapist, and coincidentally, it is a reason that makes me not even care about his feelings anymore. Simply put, the dog is married. The HR lady observed his stalker-like behavior towards me one day and informed me that he is a married man. I told her that he had no shot in Hell anyway, but thanks for the heads up.

The next time he cornered me in a room and started hitting on me, I asked him point blank if he was married and he said "Not when I'm around you." I said "I'll take that as a big YES and you ought to be ashamed of yourself!" I shame him whenever he tries to flirt with me now. Today, he was trying to flirt me up while I was working on something so I just wrote the word "married" and circled it for him. He got up and walked away singing "If loving you is wrong.... I don't wanna be right". It was pretty funny.

Problem resolved. hehehe

I had to drive home in tornado conditions tonight. I don't like to drive in bad weather. Now I'm thinking about going to Walmart for an ab-lounger.

I mustn't...

I couldn't...

I shouldn't...

It's too late... too cold... too wet outside. I wonder if there's still a tornado watch going on.

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