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2005-11-14 - 10:29 p.m.

I hate to take Corky the pumpkin down. Maybe I'll post him again a little farther down the page. It's just time to do another entry and even though I've nothing to say.....
aaaand click.

Now that the quitters are gone, I'll dish the real dirt:

Dude, my paycheck bounced!!!


No, I'm not kidding. Bounced like a super ball. Here's how I looked when I opened the mail and saw my paycheck returned to me, marked NSF:

The money, plus fees, was supposedly wired to my account today. I don't think they did it. We shall see. I've always gotten my money from them in the past, sometimes after a bit of a wait. I'm fairly certain I'll get my money pretty quick. Of course they had a song and dance about why this payroll bounced and supposedly only a few paychecks bounced before they corrected the problem that was entirely the bank's fault and not at all in any part the corporate office's fault. (a likely story)

I was just one of the lucky winners that got stiffed. I think I'm going to start taking my checks to check cashing places and then putting the fees on my expense reports. They should make sure the money is there before they hand out checks. That's a pretty basic concept.

So yeah... check bounced... not good.

I'll tell you what else is not good. I have a rib that keeps trying to get out of place and it hurts like a mofo. I don't know what I did to it, but OUCH.

I go to the chiropractor a few days a week and he tries to kill me with the sheer force of agony. He has found these 3 horrendous trigger points in my back and he presses them really reeeeeally hard, until I scream uncle, or mommy, or just start whining more than he can stand to hear in one session. Then he lets go and I ask him if he's mad at me. It's very painful, but then I feel much better after it's over. Of course, a root canal would probably feel good after that torture.

Today, after he tortured me for a while, he wrote on my treatment card "Trigger point massage". I said "Massage? You call that a massage??"

I could use a nice massage.

Or something.

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