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2007-09-24 - 1:59 p.m.

It is AUTUMN!! This is my very most favorite season. Sure, it's still hot as hell here, but I am happy anyway because this is my time of the year to be the happiest me I can be.

My solar return is coming (aka the birthday) and I am in a happy birthday frame of mind. I always say this, but I'm saying it again because it bears repeating: Your solar return sets the tone for your whole year, so you have to be happy on that day. It just neeeeds to go well.

I bought myself a little birthday present. It's a present that has caused my dearest, Mr. Philly, to dislike me AND made several Best Buy geeks cry with awe and envy as I strolled out with my new acquisition.

I bought the biggest, baddest mamma jamma of sexy killing machine computing power in a box. I got a computer tower with a quad core processor! That's right.. quad core. My game does not lag. It just doesn't. This badass machine has 2 huge hard drives in it and 2Gig of high speed RAM. There's no freakin lag. This one ought to last me a while. I'm going to keep my other one and keep all my astrology software and stuff on it. I'll put it on my network. My new one is mainly for my game. That's how I spend most of my online time.

You should see this tower case. It's shiny black aluminum with a transparent side panel and blue lights inside so you can see the guts inside it working. There are 2 big fans in there. It's just crazy. The really hair raising part though, is the video card. It's huge, it's fast, and it's powerful. They don't even sell these individually yet.

I don't buy a lot of toys, but when I do, I make it count.

I feel kinda bad about all the bragging, but I'm in awe of this thing. Most women go for shoes and jewelry, but I'll take computer equipment, please.

I think I'd better get to work around here. I think I hear the increasingly rare sound of the ceo's voice. He's been missing in action quite a lot lately. I don't know if he is slacking extra hard, hunting for a new job, or what's going on but I sense something is up.

Have a happy! A happy.... whatever.


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