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2007-10-26 - 7:47 p.m.

I have been remiss, Gentle Reader. I failed to mention, on October 23rd, that Seether's new album is now in stores! "Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces" is the name of it and it is AWESOME. I pre-ordered it, as I do all things Seether. I love the song "Like Suicide". Check it out!!

About an hour ago, I was driving down the road, blasting Seether, and doing my patented singing & dancing while driving maneuver, when I suddenly noticed an old dude in the next lane watching me intently. I was like a smacked kid there for a second, because I had been just going along in wild abandon, not remembering that there are other people around.

Fortunately, my turn was coming up. I was going to blockbuster and was almost to their driveway. So I turned in and Oldie McOld looped around and followed me! I pretended not to realize, but this old guy actually parked his car and came inside the movie store. He followed me all over the store! After a while, he was standing conspicuously right next to me and he very predictably struck up a conversation. He introduced himself and asked for my name. He had to have been 65, if he was a day. I was polite while showing not one shred of romantic interest. He kept coming up and showing me different movies and asking me if I'd seen them. I was so afraid he was going to ask me to come to his place to see his sketches... or one of those movies. He kept wandering away and coming back with another movie to show, so on one of his wanderings, I made a break for it and got away.

I am SUCH a man magnet. Of course, I do not attract a single guy that I would ever go out with. Ever. Clearly, my magnet is faulty.

I must be missing a lesson here.

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