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2007-11-17 - 2:01 p.m.

Kind of ironic that my last entry was about everyone else not updating their blogs. Then I waited half a forever to update again.

I've been busy.

Since my last update I have had family come visit, went to the Renaissance Festival, saw Seether in concert (!!!), saw Breaking Benajamin, Three Days Grace, and Red in concert, and last but certainly not least, I got married.

Yes, married.

Ok, only married in Secondlife, but, it's big for me to get married on any kind of a playing field, since I have a lot of fear and loathing when it comes to marriage.

I found someone in Secondlife who completes me. Yes, he had me at hello. I've actually known him for over a year. We had always flirted with each other and sort of *almost* got together since the start, but we were never single at the same time. We finally ran into each other one night when both of us were single and we've been together ever since. That was in July. Wow, time flies. We have a lot of fun and we both had ...uh... reputations for being a playa, but there's a lot more to each of us than that. There has been much weeping and wailing in the virtual world since the notorious boy and the scandalous girl have been taken off the market. Here's a picture of the happy couple:

I wanted to post wedding pictures, but I don't seem to have any on this pc. Maybe I can get some.

Here's my guy from the back. I like his hair. He is standing in our island house. It's sort of a retreat. There is a wall mural on the left that is a picture of us. This was my island before we got together. I moved into his house with him and we use my island as a retreat. Like we need a retreat from paradise. haha

My groom had to work today. We're getting ready to decorate our house within an inch of its very life, for the holidays.

Speaking of holidays... I'm going home for Turkey Day to feast with the turkies that are my family. We're also planning a christmas shopping day here in H town. Wow, I've lived here for nearly 6 months. Yikes!! That's half a year gone in a flash. At least it's been an eventful half a year. I had job changes and a major move and all this adjusting has been taking place. Things are pretty darn good.

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