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2007-11-22 - 2:46 a.m.

Happy Turkey Day!!!

I fully realize I have been bitchy and whiny lately. I've been hormonally challenged this week and sometimes that makes me cranky.

I went to Luby's for lunch yesterday and an old guy in line ahead of me had such bad breath that I was wishing he would just stop talking. I actually made an inadvertant exclaimation of disgust at one point because it was killing my will to live, being downwind from old dragonbreath.

Why is it that the old dude with the worst breath has the most to say?? Why is it not an option for him to either 1) Clean his bridge work or 2) shut his festering stink hole.

Cranky. Remember?

Then I had the miserable misfortune of having to go to Wally World. I messed up and chose to do my banking at a financial institution which has branches in the Walmart stores in my town. This means I have to brave the crowd twice a month to deposit paychecks. Wally World is not that bad an experience in the small town I used to live in, but here in the Republic of Tejas, Walmart is a frickin nightmare.

Screaming kids make me want to go on a killing rampage or curl up in the fetal position and cry, depending on my energy level. I had to abandon my shopping and just get out of earshot of the terminally miserable little bundles of joy that continuously screamed their loud little faces off the entire time I was in the store.

One family just wandered around aimlessly, dragging their little life sucker whose piehole was wide open the entire time. There was a dad, people. Why couldn't dad take the little snot factory out to the car??? Why do parents not even attempt to head off a fit or calm a kid or at least drag the little living siren outside??

Clue: People who are not accustomed to your kids' constant din of racket, do not have the ability to tune them out like you do. Have a heart and get the kid out of people's faces.

Ok, clearly I'm still cranky. I was trying to wait for it to pass so I wouldn't post another angry rant but OOPS, I did it again.

I have to drive for 5 hours tomorrow. And I'm sick. And cranky.

And on that happy note, I wish you all a joyous holiday with all those turkies you hold dear.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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