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2007-12-03 - 1:08 p.m.

Hey cool.

Guess what happens when you hit the escape button while typing your entry?

It disappears.

Good to know.


Ok... I was just explaining the reasons why I am a happy Monday-loving perky person. I love Mondays because I'm well rested from the weekend and because the new CEO doesn't come in on Mondays. I love the freedom of a boss-free Monday. Our new boss likes me... a lot. He likes me like a fat kid loves a plate of cookies. He likes me in ways that could bring a sexual harrassment lawsuit... but I kid...

I'm glad somebody likes me and it's not bad having the big cheese think you're the good stuff.

Things are going pretty swell, folks. I am getting a wee start at my christmas shopping, I'm happily engaged in my SL game, but not so much that I'm fainting from not eating and stuff. My workplace is operating at a slow pace right now, making life pretty easy for me for the time being. I just do my thing, no panic involved... and it's all good.

I'm getting calls from other places and offers here and there. I have been asked to take on medstaff services for another hospital. It will just be a short term consulting piece, and I'm trying to figure out how to do that on the downlow, from here. We've got to talk money and then I guess I'll be doing that. I got a job offer that is close to Shreveport and it's kind of tempting for that reason.. living in that location would make it easy to go home and see the family. But I love my little community and don't want to leave it. I suspect they cannot afford me in that smaller town and I said as much. If they can come up with the buckage, we'll talk.

I'm tired of Linkin Park. There, I said it. So tired of them.I'm kind of tired of the fighters of foo as well. I like the last song they did better than anything they've done for a while, but still. The Foo has been Fought.

Warcrygirl, (and everyone else reading these words) if you have not yet obtained the newest Seether CD, you must go forth and claim it for your very own. You NEED it. It's SO great. It's called "Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces". There are so many good songs on that CD. You're gonna love it.

Here's a last little item for you to mull over and feel free to leave comments about this: I go to a massage therapist who is male. He's wonderful. I found him when my sciatic nerve turned on me. I have to go in once a week or so to have "maintenance" done on my ass to keep from having another painful flare up of sciatica. This guy has always made me feel very comfortable. He has seen me naked, and he rubs my naked butt every week for an hour. Last time I was in, he asked me out for margeritas.


Your massage therapist is not supposed to ask you out, are they? ha.

So there's a topic for you.... discuss amongst yourselves... I'm feeling a little verklempt...

I'm not giving up my therapist. I'll tell you that right now. :-)

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