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2007-12-17 - 3:09 p.m.

I just read artgnome's update and it's a questionnaire thingy. I'd rather do this than work related stuff, so here goes me:

Five Things

Five Things I Just Donít Get:

1) Grown ups who baby talk.
2) Cilantro - and the crazy people who consider it edible.
3) Math
4) My karmic lessons
5) Laid - sorry, hadda go there.

Five Things, Other Than Money, I Wish I Had More Of:

1) Days off
2) Hours in a day
3) Self Discipline
4) Talent
5) Books - and time to read them

Five Least Favorite Words or Phrases:

1) No
2) I'm sorry
3) This won't hurt much
4) You're going to feel a little pinch
5) Do you know why I pulled you over?

Five Famous People Iíve Spoken With In Person:

1) Aaron Lewis - Singer from Staind
2) Tom Lester - Eb from "Green Acres"
3) Santa - see my last entry
4) Max Kleen - live performer on SL
5) Myramains - my sister, local celebrity. Her list of famous people that she has talked to personally is way better and longer than mine.

Five Things I Do Nearly Daily That I Donít Enjoy:

1) Getting up in the morning
2) Fixing my hair
3) Going to work
4) Driving in crazy traffic
5) Going to bed at night

Five Things I Have Actually Done That Sound Like Lies:

1) Physically attacked a repair man
2) Laid on top of a stack of mattresses in the back of a truck, thinking I could "hold em down" during a drive. (nearly met my maker)
3) Accurately predicted death and grave illness a number of times.
4) Saw my grandma after she died. She talked to me without moving her mouth.
5) Bailed on a wedding a couple of days before it was to go down. People had traveled across country, dresses were bought, flowers were acquired, non-refundable plane tickets were wasted...


Well, that was kinda fun. I am wasting the company dime right now. Blogging instead of working. I've got about an hour to kill before I can blow this pop stand. I'm feeling pretty good today. I got some good sleep last night, for a change.

Binky and myramains came to visit me over the weekend. We ate stuff. We shopped. We got massages. My massage therapist (who asked me out recently) did my sister's massage and she came back telling me she thinks he loves me. He talked about me to her. He also said some unmistakeable things to me this session and since I'm not planning to go out with him or return his affections, I am hoping he will not continue to the point that I can't go to him anymore. He was freaking me out a little. Or a lot.

Dammit, he's such a good therapist. I don't want to have to stop going to him.

The boss just sent me a task by messenger that I have no earthly idea how to complete, but I'll pull a magic rabbit outta my ass and figure out how to get this thing accomplished, whatever it is. I'm the person that if the boss has no clue what needs to be done, he passes it on to me to figure out. Good times.

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