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2007-12-30 - 4:45 a.m.

I am going to try something here. I was just reading some of my earliest entries posted here at D-Land. It is such a time capsule and you can see how things have changed over time when you look back in a several years old journal. It has been very interesting and I've gotten a lot of laughs. The comments have been hilarious. On one of my entries, I unfortunately said something that made it sound like my sister, myramains was less interesting than a big pile of poo. The original entry was dated 7/25/03, if you'd like to go back in the archives and see what I actually said. The hilarious thing was the way my sister took issue with this in the comments. These comments had me laughing so hard that my abs are sore now. I am going to attempt to post the comments here, but I imagine I will have to do some tall editing before it looks right. Sometimes when you copy and paste text into D-Land, it comes up with odd symbols in it. Here's hoping it turns out ok:


Teet's Sister - 2003-07-25 19:12:23
Well. It's just ducky to know that interest-wise, I rate BELOW the big pile of crap you may or may not find in the bathroom. "Well, no one downloaded a hank of eats onto the rim today, so what say I knock it down a few pegs and talk about my sister?" Lovely. There goes your Christmas present.
Teet's Sister - 2003-07-25 19:12:42
wilberteets - 2003-07-25 19:17:32
Uhhh, er-ah... well. I meant that in a GOOD way. Yeah. It was meant to demostrate your humility and down-to-earthiness and... um... I mean, I was possessed. POSSESSED!! Pity me, for I was not in my right mind. In fact, I ate some banana pudding today at lunch and suffered an allergic reaction and didn't know what I was typing. That's it!! You should feel sorry for brow beating me. Cause I'm sick. Shame on you. ~Teets
Teet's Sister - 2003-07-25 19:21:51
Teets gets stupid for a few hours after eating bananas, readers. We don't know why she does, but she does. Sadly, she's now attempting to use this as an excuse for ranking me below POO. That's like homicidal wives using the PMS defense. I ain't buyin' it, dood. But I will love you anyway. It's no worse than having cold water dumped on you whilst bathing or eating a rabbit turd. ::sigh::
wilberteets - 2003-07-25 19:25:49
I was probably under the influence back then, too. Ya know, I had a slight moment of pause when I posted that about the poop being more interesting, but I was in a hurry so *click*. I thought the whole entry was so diary-ish, but now looking back, it's goofy like all the rest. har har. I'm pleading "banana confusion" and I'm sticking to it!! ~Teets
Teet's Sister - 2003-07-25 19:30:42
You know, one of the finer things about being the little sister is that if you plow on long enough, you can ALWAYS ilicit guilt! Throaty laugh: BAA-HAAA-HARRRRRRR!! I won! I'm doing the "win" dance riiiiiiight now. Doot-dee-doot-doot-doo! My fingers are all pointy and I'm jabbing them at the air to punctuate my victory jig! See me? Neener, neener, neener.
wilberteets - 2003-07-25 19:32:05
Teeeeeettt'ssiiisterrrrrrrr - 2003-07-25 19:33:56
wilberteets - 2003-07-25 19:35:01
I'm going to have to explain some of this stuff. I'll have to post a history or something.

Now we're back to modern day Teetsville: Here's the history on the "Slippers!" comment: When we were kids, my sister, being younger and unknowing, was gloating her ass off about a christmas present I was getting from her, as she was utterly convinced that I would NEVER guess what was inside. The fact that the present was obviously a wrapped shoe box and the unmistakeable sound of fuzzy fake fur scratching against the inside of the box was a dead giveaway that the gift inside was slippers. I tried (for a minute) to be the indulgent sister and not make a guess. But sister was hopping and clowning and carrying on so much that when she said "You are NEVER EVER gonna guess what's in there!!!" I gave her the flat stare and said "Slippers". She looked stunned. Absolutely gonged over the head. It was one of those hilarious moments of life. At this point, there was no possibility that it wasn't slippers. Her reaction made it crystal clear that I had guessed right. So when she does the gloaty dance for any reason, I can say "slippers" and to this day, it is like some kind of a trump card.

Yes, we are odd girls.

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