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2008-01-01 - 4:05 p.m.


Well, I blew off the wedding of the strangers... and it is just as well.. as a major ruckus broke out between the groom and my nutty uncle. Death threats were made... several people became involved... taped conversations.. confrontations... threats.. yeah buddy. It was a 3-ring redneck festival. Glad I missed it.

I stayed at my old house with my sister, myramains, and her evil minions until the day after Christmas and then made my 5 hour journey home. I missed the big family fireworks thing this year and I am having a quiet New Year's Day, all my by myself. I'm cooking black eyed peas for luck, cabbage for money, and having fruit salad because it's goooooood. I am baking one little slice of ham with a mustard / brown sugar glaze. Sounds like a lot of work, but it's really not. I brought in the new year with season 3 of Lost, which I am enjoying to the max. That was my christmas present to me. Season 3 on DVD.

I plan to travel home this coming weekend to be with the family again. I'll have to surrender the Lost DVDs to my parents. I got them hooked on it and they don't even want to talk to me on the phone now. They tell me "get off the phone and go watch Lost". My mother is ready for some serious answers. The show gives you great satisfying answers, but always leaves you with new torturous questions. It's never ending. I just hope when they end the series, they wrap it up fully and let you feel, for once, that you KNOW. Please striking writers... let us *know all* some fine day.

The writers' strike is about to impact my life negatively and I don't think I deserve that. ::sigh::

It's a bit of a bummer to have to go back to work tomorrow knowing that the holiday season is over and it will be a while before there will be time off again. Maybe I'll plan myself a real vacation for later in the year.

Well, 2007 brought some good changes for me. I love where I live now and the change has been really good for me. I think everyone should move once in awhile. It forces you to start over, get rid of things that are not useful anymore, and bring in new stuff. My spirits are much lifted.

I feel slightly guilty about being so damn happy to have left my home and old life behind, because I love my family and I had to leave them behind too. Sometimes I feel kind of sad about that, but ultimately, I know that they are an email, a phone call, or a 5 hour drive away. Any time I have to get there, I can. Anytime I feel like I need to go, it's an easy matter.

I *think* 2008 will bring me something good. I am planning to make a change or two. I might break with my old company and come fully on board with the new one... or it could go the other way. I am going to do some work on myself, I think, because I have things about me that are sort of broken and need fixing. According to my astrological outlook, I should be doing more socializing in 2008.

Whatever... I'm going with the flow. I hope you had a happy holiday season, Gentle Reader. May we all have a prosperous and happy new year.


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