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2008-01-10 - 10:20 a.m.

I've just come through the grandaddy of all bouts of PMS. I've had the little black cloud of doom hovering above my head since last Friday, but I'm better now. I decided not to post anything during my time of intense hormonal rage. Usually I am quite gentle and PMS only results in a slight to moderate reduction in patience.

Not this time, Gentle Reader, not this time.

I have been like a different person for a few days. I think this is because of a lot of other stressors I had going on right at the same time. It all converged to make me a miserable girl for a few days. One thing that freaked me out good and proper was that I had totally spaced out that we had a follow up inspection coming at work. When I realized this, the inspection was actually overdue and it was a Friday, so I obsessed all weekend about how they were probably going to roll in on Monday morning and catch me with problems in my department.

When Monday rolled around, I was busy going through all my stuff to make sure it was inspection worthy. I had a full day planned and became sort of enraged towards a lateral co-worker who was mistakenly assuming that she was somehow higher than me in the hierarchy around here and had begun attempting to delegate some of her work to me. I have 2 departments to run and my own little personal hell going on and and I was just not having it. She found out that she is not the boss of me. I spoke up very loudly and clearly and was as plain with my feelings on the subject as I possibly could be without getting arrested. I got in her face on Monday and she has not demanded another thing of me since.

Every workplace has someone like that who just gots to try to run people.

Sooooo... that little problem is dealt with and I am a kinder and gentler Wilberteets today. However, I do suffer from the feminine curse today and it's just mayhem. Mayhem that you don't want to hear about.

I have a lot of little waves of happiness when I am in my normal state of being. I'm a naturally happy person and probably a little too happy. I sometimes wonder if I'm a touch manic. I'm too functional to be bipolar, but I sure do exhibit signs of mania once in a while and it goes in cycles. I get crazy happy, energetic, sleepless, spendy, etc. But I'm on the happy end of the spectrum almost all the time. My overload of happy comes out in the form of these little waves of happiness. I usually have just a couple days a month when I have the little black cloud over my head, and occasionally a little evil in my heart.

While I was having the armageddon of all PMS bouts this past week, my little bursts of happy were absent the whole time. That was weird for me and I realized how much I sort of rely on those waves of happiness. I feel for people who rip through their seratonin real fast and have no natural highs. Most people make and have enough seratonin (natural happy juice) to maintain normal mood levels, but some people use up all their seratonin in a hurry and are left with a lack of happiness. These people take Pr0z@c or Z0l0ft. To slow the dissipation of their seratonin levels.

Why am I telling you people all of this?

No bloody idea. I'm rambling. Yep. I guess I'm back. Whew.. it's good to be happy again.

I'm gonna shut up now and go to lunch.

Bye Peeps.


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