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2008-01-25 - 12:37 p.m.

This is a day when I'm happy to be me. It's Friday, I have a fun plan for tonight, and I got rid of a horrible burden that has been hanging over my head since 2003. I had a tax problem that kept on giving. But it's all dealt with and cleared up now, thank goodness.

Basically, I trusted a tax service to get me a huge and completely legal tax refund one year and right after I spent my huge tax refund on home repairs I found out that while the refund was huge as promised, it wasn't so much "legal". It's been in all kinds of limbo since then and I've been worried about a few nasty scenarios that I thought could be the end result of this ordeal. I was tired of worrying about it so I got on the stick and paid it off. Finally. What a load off my mind!!!

I also renewed my professional credentials which is another big load off my mind. I really hate the little mundane details of life. Especially the ones that have deadlines attached.

I am also happy that I have a nice job and a good place to live, and a family that loves me, and "plenty". Some days I am overwhelmed with the feeling that in the big rat race, the rats are definitely winning. Other days, like today, I feel great about things.

I have a hilarious link for you. If you remember the cheesy old show "The Incredible Hulk", you probably remember that sometimes it didn't take too much to push mild mannered David over into all his hulking green glory. If you click on the link below, it will take you to a hilarious list of every single thing that ever caused David Banner to go Hulk-o-rific. It's really funny. And you know, all these things on this list piss me off too. If I could turn green and deal some hulky misery, I totally would in any of these totally bogus situations. Check it out!!

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