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2008-02-04 - 9:01 p.m.

I knew it was going to be a rough day first thing this morning when I got my tongue stuck to an ice cube and ripped off about 5 taste buds in my attempt to free myself from my icy bondage. I didn't think it was *that* stuck. I have learned not to stick an ice cube in my mouth straight from the freezer. Ice cubes must be wet before they touch a taste bud. New rule to live by. ::sigh::

Next stop on my day of fantastic happenings... I stopped by the apartment complex office to pay my rent. It was due yesterday, but when the due date falls on a Sunday I just drop it off on my way to work on Monday. Me and most of the other residents here do that routinely. I've done this twice since July without a single problem. Today, one of the drone bees that works in the office came running out to tell me I would have a late fee for dropping it off this morning instead of last night. I told her that I had to go to work and would call her later.

Let me see if I can give you the shorter version of this ridiculousness: Basically, they changed their software and it automatically assesses a late fee at 12:01 am on the night of the 3rd going into the morning of the 4th, for the apartments that are unpaid, even though they know most residents drop it off the night of the 3rd or morning of the 4th. If I had dropped my check off 10 minutes earlier, there would have been no fee. She also told me I would actually owe 111 bucks, because they were also going to charge me my 71 dollar concession for the month. I told her flat out if you jack me for 111 dollars, I will move out and you will have lost the renewal of a very good tenant.

I'm happy to report that the styooopid the manager waived the concession fee, but I still have to pay the 40 bucks. I am not a happy camper. That was bullshit. I told them they should not charge anyone anything since they changed the rules without letting anyone know there was a change and now they are looking to collect a fine from most of their residents. I predict a lot of non-renewal happening around here. I'm moving when my lease is up. I love my apartment, but the office staff are unwashed, ass-sucking spongemonkeys.

So this was all before work. Next thing... I get to fight the traffic! w00t. I finally arrived to work only to find that our fearless leader (who kinda loves me and gives me a lot of special treatment) is GONE. Another guy, (whom I know and like but didn't want to trade my easy boss away for) was there in his place. He held us in a meeting from 10 am till LUNCH, then called another meeting late this afternoon which caused me to miss my narrow window of traffic missing opportunity. Grrrrr.

The whole operation is uncertain to me now. New guy gave a flowery speech and made it sound like our good boss is still with us. But I know him and that story didn't jive. I know something bad has gone down. I have doubts about the entire project if he is not a part of it. I plan to hang loose and hope like hell that he makes up with the owners and comes back. If the venture fails or I get booted for being too expensive, I can go back to my old company, I am pretty sure. I have a lot to be thankful for, but I just NEVER get to rest and feel like I have some security. It is a never ending roller coaster ride for me.

Did I mention my whole damn day was taken up in meetings???

OH, I almost forgot to tell you the newsflash that was the cherry on my shit cake. On Wednesday night, I have to attend an evening doctor's meeting. That means I'll go to work in the morning and I won't get home till 10 or 11 pm that night.


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