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2008-02-14 - 3:49 p.m.

The interesting thing about working in a psychiatric facility... is that there is always something interesting happening. You never know when a fairly elaborate escape plan will be hatched and implemented.

Just now, I heard a big ruckus going on out in the hall. A psychiatric patient had been hiding in the last patient room on the corridor, behind locked doors, waiting for his big chance to bum rush the door. That is a locked down unit, so he had to wait until an employee entered the code and walked unsuspectingly through.

A housekeeper was the lucky winner. Homey hopped out, clocked the housekeeper, and ran through the open door to sweet freedom. He found himself in the lobby, with other employees around and without hesitation he busted through the crowd and out the door.

Somewhere on the streets of Houston is a very happy crazy guy with an elevated heart rate and an adrenaline buzz.

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