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2008-02-27 - 11:12 a.m.

Well here I sit in my little jail cell, waiting for 4:15 to roll around so I can get the hell outta dodge. It's not even lunch time yet. ::sigh:: My job is cushy, as jobs go, but it's not *freedom*, you know? There is definitely a stunning lack of freedom involved in this whole work thing. I am pretty thoroughly bored with this job. Things should crank up in the semi near future and until then, I am happy to tread water and do my time each day. Well, "happy" might be a stretch, but at least nothing on me physically hurts.

I used to say that if I won the lottery I would just keep right on working. Ha. Silliness. I have come to my senses now and realized that if I won the lottery, I wouldn't even come back in to get my stuff, or hand in a proper resignation. I'd just be done. Out. Fini. Needless to say, I am REALLY looking forward to the weekend. You know what's cool about today? The boss is out of town. That's the good stuff.

In my real life, there's really nothing new going on and nothing I am all that excited about right now, but in Second Life, I'm having lots of fun, because I have opened a Home Decor Gallery with my partner / SL husband. I traded off my residential island for a commercial one and we filled it up with lovely items we made. He is an excellent builder and I am good with textures. We're a good team and our stuff is nice. The store looks excellent if I do say so myself. Now we have to advertise and make new items, but we don't have to do that very fast. I'd like to buy the land next to our store so we could do a second floor. We shall see.

We have furniture, lamps, rugs, a variety of fountains, framed art, prints, fireplaces, assorted do-dads. It has been fun getting it all set up.

I'm about to learn to use photoshop. I ordered a set of photoshop tutorials on DVD. I got it in the mail yesterday. My next big thing will be learning to make clothes. I hope it is fun and that I will be good at it. I think it is something I will be good at, because I'm creative. I just hope it's not difficult or tedious to the point that it's not enjoyable. I am inspired by the work of one particular SL clothing designer and I want to be her when I grow up. We'll see what I can do.

I went home last weekend to see the FAM. Miss Libby was happy to show me her new bedroom, which has been painted and redecorated to the hilt. I always tease her about the fact that I am a princess and she is not. This gets her goat like you wouldn't believe. So when I got there, ready to see her new room, she turned on me and said "Who's the princess NOW? Hmmmpphh!" She went all up on her tip toes for emphasis. Perhaps I have teased this child too much. hehe

We had a big family lasagna dinner, as is the tradition in my family. We are not Italian, but we like to eat like Italians. February is for lasagna, people. People came from 4 states to have mom's lasagna. I took Monday off so I wouldn't have to cry all the way back to Texas like I did last time. The last trip home was too fast, I drove up on a saturday and went home sunday. The kids were appalled that I was leaving so quick and I felt like I didn't get to see ANYONE enough. So I felt terribly upset on my trip back to Texas. I feel guilty about moving off and leaving all my loved ones. I also feel guilty for LOVING my new life and not wanting to return. I only have to face that when I'm driving home from a weekend trip though. I feel like my whole life has been one long string of leavings and being left. I have issues. ha

I met a sweeeet puppy at the lasagna shindig. My uncle brought a "Shorkie" puppy. He was entirely too cute. I am trying to resist the urge to get a puppy because I don't want to go through potty training and pet hair and all the other fabulous extras you get with pets. I don't want to go for a walk every 2 hours. I don't want to have to protect my slippers from the sexual advances of a canine romeo. I don't want to have to remove a layer of dog hair off my black pants on the way to work. Help me... I must resist.

I'm holed up in my office, now having lunch. Time has elapsed here. I have wandered away from the keyboard with this entry in progress a few times. This is a rambly one, isn't it? I guess it's about time I posted this and got my full attention back on slacking. No half-assed slacking for me. If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. That's what I always say.


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