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2008-03-04 - 12:54 p.m.

Dear God,

Please let me win the lottery so I can stop being a slave to the man.

Thank you,



I should be doing something creative with my life. I'm a creative person working with non-creative people on non-creative things. I'm fortunate to have a good job, but good god it's so boring. To be this bored makes me perform in a less than spectacular manner.

I have to meet with the new CEO today at 3. This meeting cannot be a good thing. It seems to me that one of several negative things will happen. The meeting will either consist of him telling me I have to come in earlier, because I've really been pushing it with the tardiness thing lately... OR he wants to say "You are too expensive, here's your reduced schedule".... OR he wants to say "You are too expensive here's your pink slip"... OR he wants to give me an extra task or get me to give up some free consulting for his other hospital. The chances of this meeting being something good seem very low.

I'm glad I have a time slated to meet with him though, because I am trying to decide whether to even stay with this outfit or move to some other position elsewhere. Whatever he says in there might have a galvanizing effect on my decision making process, you might say. haha

I have been planning to talk with him and just lay it on the table that I need to know whether I will be working at our new facility that is being built now or not, because when my lease comes up in a couple of months, I have to know whether to extend where I am living or move closer to the new place.

Ya know... I'm just another rat in the maze and someone is ALWAYS moving my damn cheese. They should write a book and call it "Who moved my cheese?" Oh wait...

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