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2008-03-10 - 3:23 p.m.

I have to vent, while I'm waiting for a fax.

I am at work. One of the things I do is gather info on physicians and do the background checks and things to get them privileges at our hospital. This requires a modicum of cooperation from a doctor and/or his or her office staff. Sometimes this comes off like it is supposed to and other times it is a ridiculous ordeal to get their various licenses, insurance info, application, etc etc etc.

This one doctor, who is a major player in our newest hospital project, has been so uncooperative and the office manager has been jerking me around and playing some kind of a game with me. I faxed over a "packet" to be completed in mid December. This was ignored, so I sent a follow up in January. Also ignored, so I sent the marketer out to hand deliver a packet to the doctor's office. Ignored. I saw the doctor here and gave her a packet, from my hand to hers. Still didn't receive diddley squat. I faxed over another packet a few weeks ago and made some phone calls. I was told by a lady in their office that this info was just about to be faxed to me at long last. A week later, I had to fax yet another packet and make the same follow up call. This office lady told me she had never spoken to me and that she'd never ever in life heard that I was expecting anything from them. She promised to fax the completed packet over that day.

Now it's a week or two after that convo and guess what? I still haven't received it! I am currently waiting for this fax to come over. If it doesn't, so help me, I am going postal. I cannot believe the tremendous hassle this has been. I told the office manager today that when the CEO of this hospital asks me tomorrow morning in the meeting if I have received it yet, I want to be able to say yes, finally.

These people are trying to make me lose my mind.

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