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2008-03-28 - 4:39 p.m.

I have to vent.

This rant is about something that happened to me that is so predictable and so typifies exactly what is wrong with the corporate world. You'd think a fooker would get a new shtick.

I'm going to speak in circles just a bit, to prevent googling and discovery... because I don't need any extra shit in my life (read career). It's just chock full-o-shit as it is.

First off, the place I work for just got a new big boss. This big boss is a slimy little weasel. He decided in all his great wisdom to do the usual new boss routine and shave down the payroll so he could look like a hero. I am one of the casualties of his arbitrary decision to grab brownie points. My paycheck is gone so that he can look good for 10 minutes before the owners totally forget it and move on.

When he told me I was shit out of luck, he did it in this way: He claimed that it was "through no fault of your own", totally a "financial decision", that I am a "class individual" and "Excellent at what you do". He wished so very deeply that he could help me out in some way... he wishes me the very best in life and he knows I'll do great, cause I'm just so doggone good. And young! Oh yes, I'm sooo young and I have my whole stellar career ahead of me. He wanted me to voluntarily resign (and forego unemployment benefits).

Since this is not my first rodeo, I knew better than to mention unemployment at this meeting. My last day was supposed to be Monday. So today, on Friday, I was wrapping things up, finishing out my work, getting all my stuff out of the office, and I decided to ask the HR man for a paper stating that I am laid off without fault. This would be for the unemployment office.

About an hour later.... amazingly, mysteriously, nay... conveniently... the big boss needs to see me. He is angry. Verrrry angry. It seems that the d0ct0rs of our hospital screwed up and sent 3 people home early, which fucked up their average for days... an average that they have to maintain for 5 consecutive months in order to reach an important goal. They blew it.

Big boss suddenly decided that this is somehow my fault. Now, mind you... HE is the one who is supposed to be pushing the docs for longer stays. He is the one who is supposed to have constantly dialogue with them and put measures in place to prevent them from screwing the pooch, yet this is all somehow my fault.

Here's the reality: The big boss asked me to report the averages on a monthly basis. I did it weekly. Four times the frequency he asked for. When the first of the 3 patients left early, I raised hell about it in a meeting and stressed to them all just how damaging this sort of thing could be for them. I warned them as well as I could. After that point, I had no idea the next patient was going to go early. People in my job do not know about people going home until they are gone. We are notified afterwards. The third one to leave early was going to go today, but the damage was already done and it was not in any way my fault. There is nothing I could have done to change things in any way here.

Big boss should have told his nurses to come to him the instant a doc shows up wanting to write an order to release someone. But... he did not. He should have put safeguards in place... but he did not. He expected me to somehow divine that the doctor was thinking of releasing someone so I could tell him and he could maybe prevent the release.

This asshole stood there and actually talked this ridiculousness to me. I told him that I saw where he was going with it and I guessed that as soon as he heard that I was planning to apply for unemployment benefits, he had to find a reason to be mad at me. I told him that this was not my fault in any way and that he could not make it a reality by saying that it was.

Gotta finish later... puter crashing

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