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2008-05-25 - 5:02 a.m.

I have been reveling in the glory of being off work and still having money. Unemployment is a many splendored thing. Thanks to "Assface", I have been enjoying quite a nice vacation. I wanted it to be a 6 month long vacation. I had every intention of stretching it out to the bitter end, using every speck of available unemployment insurance. My plan was coming along very nicely too. You have to make a certain number of job contacts per week to fulfill your obligation for receiving the unemployment money, so I was calling places and asking if they need a "Director of something-something", which I am qualified for. I tried to call places where the answer would be "No". This plan was working out just great. Luck was with me... no nibbles, just as planned... when I stupidly sent out my resume for a couple of ads I saw on a job bank on my professional organization's website. I received a call back within the hour from one and a call the following day from the other. Both set up interviews with me and I have not even had time to go to interview number 2, because hospital number one made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Pity me. I have to work next week. My sleeping days are over. My vacation is abruptly ended. ::sigh::

Everyone I have told about this in person or on the phone has given me their sympathies. They all know I am a hard core slacker who did not want to work again already. haha

But on the upside, this is such a nice opportunity that I had to say yes. I literally was not interested in this job before the interview and they changed my mind. I found out that they will pay me handsomely to do a job that is much, much less work than my last job. You can see how this is appealing already... I will not have to deal with this horrible little governmental reporting fiasco that I was having to handle at my last job. I will not be the one to do any of the credentialing, which is what I spent most of my time doing on the last job, and I will actually have an employee to do some of the crap I do have left to do. I'm sure I will find reasons to not want to go there, but since I do have to make a paycheck and since health insurance will be nice to have again, I'm in.

The benefits package is supposedly very good and there is more than twice as much paid time off on this new job, so it is way better than the old job from pretty much every aspect. The people seem very nice, although they did scare me a little bit with the speed at which they pulled me in and snapped me up. I wonder what monsters I will uncover there. I mean, they called me immediately, they pulled me in for an interview right away, and they offered the job the very next day. And they were soooooo happy to get me... almost like in Rosemary's Baby, where the new neighbors are soooo welcoming...

::Shake it off::

So yay. Gainfully employed. Woot.

Everyone I told said something like "Awwww", "Sorry dude", "That's rough", "Poor girl", or "Aww man".

It does give me a good feeling to know that I have a good job at a good salary where no one is going to be giving me the hairy eyeball about how much I make. This is a bigger hospital and a bigger company than I've ever worked for in the past, so there is a stability that I have been looking for. The best thing of all: I don't need my old medical management company anymore. I'm ecstatic about that, because they have jerked me around too much. I don't trust them anymore and I resent the total lack of loyalty they show to employees like me who go above and beyond to show them loyalty and good service. They hounded me into moving, against my will, to Houston from Louisiana and then they bailed from that project within a few months after I was locked into my 12 month lease and they left me there, holding the bag AND the lease. They did not attempt to place me in one of their other facilities as they easily could have. They expected me to wait, jobless, until they felt like pulling me in again. They told me to hang tight and remember I belong to them! I cannot wait until they desperately neeeeeeed my services and call me up all bursting with honey-dripping sunshine and ask me if I am ready to pull up stakes and move for them again. And they will. That's what they do. There are certain things they just need me for and when they roll up on one of those things, they are always in a big hurry and I always go immediately and save their bacon. So I am not even going to let them know I'm gone. They will assume I am waiting for them to need me and when they call in a panic, they will find out I've gone to greener pastures where I get to have a paycheck all year around. A place where I don't have to be the "Director of Everything". How cool it will be to just have one job.

It is very freeing to not need them anymore. It will be hard to not tell them I've ditched their sorry asses. I am so tempted to write them a ridiculous break up letter and tell them "It's not you, it's me... I just feel that we both need some space... of course there will always be a soft place in my heart for you... please don't cry."


Tomorrow I will come back and write out the horrendous story of what happened to me last Tuesday. It was quite harrowing.

Till then, later gators!!

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