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2008-06-20 - 11:46 a.m.

I keep disappearing for long stretches of time. I'm getting to be quite a poor correspondent. This *may* change, since I am in a new 9 to 5 and there are too many hours in a work day for me to stay totally on task. I need a little break from the excitement every so often.

I may not be able to post this till later because this internet connection is dicey at best. I am not ever going to use the work pc here for posting or doing anything whatsoever that is personal, since the techies are monitoring everything here. They sort of have it rigged to prevent employees from playing on the internet during work. So I brought my laptop, cause I am a problem solver.

In my last entry, from long ago and far away, I said I was coming back to tell of the horrible experience I faced recently. I shall now launch into that harrowing tale.

My home was temporarily invaded by lots and lots of bees. I am allergic to stings, so this was a serious situation for me. One evening I happened to notice that there were 3 bees in my house. I had not had the door open all day long, so I was a little concerned about where they were coming from. I called maintenance and they decided to send "Nacho" to check it out for me. Nacho is this sweet, diminutive little guy who has a few physical problems and is probably not all that intimidating even to one bee, much less a swarm. However, what he lacks in size and intimidation factor, he makes up for in willingness to help. I told him that I had thrown one stunned bee out the back door after swatting it and noticed many more bees out on the porch area. He went out the door to check it out and about 5 seconds later he ran back in, shut the door hard, and with big round eyes he said "Don't open thees door for aaaaany reeeeeeason".

I had already gathered that the door should remain shut.

He said there was a whole bunch of bees out there and he left to get back up. He returned with a boss man and a can of bug spray. One can... of bug spray. The maintenance boss checked it out, came back in and said "They are honey bees and they have a whole honey house out there. This can of spray is only going to make them mad." So... I had to wait for professional bug killers. I had to live with bees getting in my house from Tuesday to Friday. Not a comfortable way to go for a person with a serious allergy to stings. A cousin of mine dropped dead within 15 minutes of being stung. I was stung once by a sweat bee, which is a tiny, itty bitty version of a bee... and my whole right side got swollen. Once the nest was sprayed, the confused and dying bees were getting inside through the holes where the wires come into the house. I flushed about 2 dozen bees that evening. I was flushing them down the toilet because I was too paranoid to just put them in the trash after killing them. I think bees and wasps can rise up from the dead and take revenge. So, I survived another encounter with the wild kingdom.

On the job front: I like my new job a lot and I am hitting my stride in here. The only monster I have uncovered so far is a startling backlog of delinquent charts. The doctors are spoiled and thinking they don't have to sign stuff, but this is where they are mistaken. I am staking out the nurses station for misbehavors on my list and snagging them one by one. I've already put a big dent in the problem and soon it will be all good. I have also found that the director before me was withholding records that should not have been withheld and I saved this hospital from losing a very good referral source due to her refusal to release records that were necessary for the referring agency's billing functions. She was holding up their money!! That's serious business right there. The agency was getting ready to find another place to send their patients.

I am starved and it's lunch time. We have a good cafeteria, but today it is tuna casserole, so I have to go out. I'm not doing the T-'role.

See you cats on the upswing.

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