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2008-07-06 - 12:44 p.m.

I just saw a guy eat a big fat madagascar cockroach, marinated in teriyaki. It's that insane guy with the show who eats "exotic foods" (read gross stuff). Just before the commercial break, they showed him cringing and saying he still can't eat a certain food... leaving the knowledge of just WHAT this food could possibly be for after the commercial.

He ate a fat gooey cockroach and there is a food he won't eat??

In other ludicrous moments:

I heard myself say the words "Woot! Cheap gas!" and the price was $3.84 a gallon. I immediately realized the complete ridiculousness of my comment.

OK... my TV is still on and the bad food eating guy is still on. The food he can't stand is an asian fruit. I already forgot the name of it. But it is a big spikey fruit that is apparently not fruit-like at all in texture or flavor. It's gooey and he says it smells like stinky feet.

He couldn't eat this fruit, but fat cockroaches and goose intestines were ok in his book.

You know, it's disgusting food that prevents me from ever even entertaining the notion of trying out for shows like Survivor or Fear Factor. I can face down many fearful situations, but I cannot, under any circumstance, consider eating a cow face, or a 100 year old duck egg, or a fat tarantula. I cannot eat gross stuff. It's not physically possible for me, because my body will reject it immediately. I'll barf quicker than you can say Bob's your uncle. I can barely stand to watch someone else eat something gross.

One time, I was at a Ci Ci's pizza place and they had Fear Factor on the TV in the dining area. People were eating cow faces. What genius thought this was appropriate for dinner time viewing?

I gots to go for now.

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