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July 14, 08 - 1:45 pm

Posting from the blackberry once again...

This time I managed to put a date and time in. I should be working but here I am, rebelling and slacking all over the place.

I have to go to the restroom and I have one very important work task to take care of, then I will edit this.

For now... I post this incomplete entry.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Ok, I may have to edit this later. I suspect my lines may all run together with no paragraph breaks now because I am typing in the edit window. SOOO... Not too much is new except for the fact that my sister, MyraMains informed me that our mom gets up in church and talks about us both because we are feelthy sinners in her view. Cool. This was brought on by a moral argument between sis and mom, yet somehow, my name gets pulled in and I might as well have had some raunchy sex since I am getting the judgement. Might as well do the crime, right? ::Sigh:: Oh well... I am not all that upset about it. I've been accused of worse I suppose. I know that mom has her opinion of people who don't live exactly by her moral code. I wonder why she doesn't realize that everyone has a right to their own values and beliefs. I also wonder why she doesn't question what she was raised to believe at all and why it hasn't occurred to her that each religion believes it's own rhetoric and all preachers think they are preaching the truth. Who can really say who is right? That is why we all have a choice. OMG... I just hit the off button on the blackberry and thought I lost this after painstakingly typing this in on my wee blackberry keyboard. I'd better book this one before I lose it for real.

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