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2008-07-18 - 10:45 a.m.

Life is good, ya'll.

I am a happy girl on a Friday. Any Friday will do. It's my favorite day of the week, even though I have to get up and go to work on Fridays.

I'm in a happy mood and I'm kind of taking stock of things. I have a job I enjoy, a home that I love, a neighborhood I love living in, people love me, well... *some* people love me, nothing hurts on me, I have my health, and I have about 6 minutes of youth left. I feel fortunate. It must not be PMS day. That will be coming soon and on that day I'll take stock again, nothing will be different in reality, but I'll think everything is shit. Cause that is what I do on PMS day. I'm pretty happy for the most part except for those 2 days of the month.

I believe that our state of mind and our stress level play a direct role in how many colds and illnesses we get. When I am happy and low stress, I don't get sick. When I'm stressed out with my job or unhappy about things, I catch everything that comes down the pike. When I worked with "The Yeti", that super-controlling, unwashed, meaty, man-like, closet lesbian, dinner yeti I used to have to deal with every day, I was sick all the time and I had severe bronchitis for 2 months. I have not identified any ham demons or dinner yetis here at my new job. This makes me a happier and healthier Wilberteets.

I am planning to see "The Dark Knight" this weekend.... IF I can get anywhere near the theater. People were camping out for pete's sakes. I might not get in this weekend. I shall try. I'll go at an unpopular time. Day time, maybe Sunday. We shall see.

I brought my laptop today so I could play online. I wouldn't dare play on the work pc here. Big Brother is definitely watching us here. The big boss has been out of town this week and that just takes a pressure off. Even though he has been very nice, it feels less restrictive when he's not around. He can be a pretty funny guy. I do have a gut feeling though that this guy can be serious hell on wheels when he is not pleased. I sense something about him. Something that makes me wary and makes me want to be careful.

I really like my job. I have a whole suite of offices back here. I'm used to working in places that don't have enough office space or have no real area that is good for medical records. This place is great. I have a vault for my records, and 4 other offices attached to it, all for me. There are 6 phones back here and I am never at the one that's ringing. They usually have to page me overhead. We also have software here for accounting and medical records and we have good coding software. I'm learning a lot of good stuff that I can use in the future. It's all good.

You may remember my old boss "Assface". He is the horses ass who tried to blame me for patients being released early when I have nothing to do with the discharge planning process and have no authority to stop a discharge. Only he can do that and he dropped the ball, so he tried to pass the blame on the one who was leaving. That's standard protocol, unfortunately. Welllllll... I told Assface that if he did not put some measures in place to keep an open dialogue with his docs and nurses and prevent these early discharges in the logical ways one would go about it, he would be doooooomed to repeat his failures. He vehemently told me that my replacement would be SO good that this would neverrrrr happen again.

So you know I have a mole in the facility, right? You expect nothing less. And of course... they have continued to fail miserably every month. They had zero patients for all of June, finally got ONE patient in July, too late to count on the length of stay requirement, and they lost that one early!!!! So they are screwed for July too. They were just served an eviction notice, they have stopped construction on the gorgeous building they were sinking tons of money into, and I think they are pretty much screwed. Their employees are bailing like rats off a sinking ship.

Gee, it's a good thing Assface got rid of me, huh? Since I was so inept at preventing discharges. I'm SO tempted to call him and say "Who's fault is it now?" I've heard they fired the DON and the accountant too, so he would probably say that one of those two somehow screwed it up. That is what they do in hospitals, and maybe in every corporate work environment. Whoever is leaving, or was last to go, created every problem and caused every failure.

Lots of times people bitch about their jobs and usually people don't tend to cop to their mistakes in situations like these, but let me tell you... it was such a ridiculous stretch for him to even suggest that I could possibly affect the discharges in any way, let alone prevent a doctor from doing what he has decided to do. There is absolutely no shred of validity in what he was saying. He completely dropped the ball and continues to drop it on a daily basis. He is a yes man, and not a leader. Without strong leadership, this group of doctors will never make it in business. Bottom line. They had a good leader and they screwed him over in favor of the yes man that is currently leading them straight into the abyss.

Free entertainment!

ACK. I ranted about work again. I'm kinda rambling too. I was going to read blogs but you slackers haven't written me anything today. Sheesh.

I'm so glad it is Friday. This week went by fast and I am ready for a nice easy weekend. I hope you are all having good times and that you post something. hehe

I realize it's wrong of me to rag you people about not posting when I have been horrible about disappearing for long periods of time. But you just have to understand one thing: I'm a hypocrite. ha

Yesterday after work, I went to this restaurant that throws hot rolls at people and they give you free fried green tomatoes. I nearly made myself sick on those things. They are pretty good. I recently bought a green tomato for frying purposes and the sucker turned orange overnight! Can't fry it now. ::Sigh::

I suppose I shall spare you from any further fruitless ramblings for now.

Don't worry, be happy...

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