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8/15/08 - 1:25 pm

Captain's Log:

(Snicker snicker)

I am soooo over this week. I have reached my maximum capacity for work productiveness for this week. All done. Oh how I dearly wish the boss was out of town today. I'd be so gone from here by now.

It's after lunch... Just gotta kill 3.5 hours. Ack! Seems like way too much to ask. Some idjit is in my department trying to use my out of order copy machine. Why these fools always come to my office to try my perpetually broken copier when there is a working one around the corner is beyond me.

I'm sleepy. So very sleepy. I want to run out there and scream at whoever is jacking with my broken copier.

I think it is apparent that I have nothing of interest to say.

I guess I'll go stare at the stooge who is still poking around the copier.

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