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September 9, 2008 - 1:25 pm

How time flies when you're having fun or working your ass off. Once again, Gentle Reader, I have been missing in action. Often, I don't have news, and sometimes I have news better left unsaid, which really should be posted since unburdening yourself in a semi-anonymous way is sort of the point of keeping an online journal.

The major news around here these days is the never ending conga line of hurricanes. Hurricane Ike? Really? I coulda sworn we have already had our fair share of Mother Nature's tiresome wrath for this season. I am going to start keeping my eyes peeled for a good job in a more inland location I think. I have a place in mind. I'm thinking about the Ozarks for climate and for generally pleasant nature surroundings, plus it's 2 hours closer to the family. The drawback to that area is depressed economy and there is a certain element there that puts one in mind of that disturbing old movie, "Deliverance". *Some* of the people are somewhat... Unusual.

I am at work, wasting the company dime. Our whole network is down which leaves us unable to use not only email, but the major software program that basically all our functions go through. We're collectively fubar'd until our network is up. Even though many of my tasks are stymied, there are plenty of things I could be doing.

Catch you on the flip side...


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