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Sept. 10, 2008 - 11:30 am

Well, we just had yet another meeting in which we have to discuss preparations for a hurricane. ::sigh:: This has really gotten old. This time, we are taking on patients who are being evacuated from Corpus Christi. Ya know... If my loved one was being evacuated to safer ground I'd want them more inland, and not on the flippin coast. The hurricane could hit anywhere along the Texas gulf coast so they could conceivably transport their patients here only to make them have to ride it out in the eye of the storm as it hammers Houston instead of Corpus Christi.

Yeah, like I said yesterday, I am sick and tired of hurricanes.

I'm sleepy today and not feeling this whole work vibe. I got here this morning and found that 3 - count 'em 3 patients assumed room temperature last night. They kicked the bucket, bought the farm, got off at the last stop, and ceased to beeeee. Three is a lot for one night. We do have a hospice unit for terminal patients, so it's not like our patient care is bad. I could not resist asking the director of nurses if she is harboring a mercy killer though. I always know just the right thing to say. Har har.

Ooh! Look at the time will you? It is time to go get some lunch! Good, I'm ready to blow this pop stand.

Later Gators...

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