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2008-09-12 - 11:36 a.m.

Hey Hey...

I'm posting from my laptop at my sister's house because I have officially "evacuated Houston". I had to work up the nerve to ask the boss to let me miss work today so I could drive well ahead of the bad weather. He is the guy who expects me to get in my car and drive 30+ miles through 150 mph winds, into the hurricane, to come to work in case of disasters. I am not a patient care person and there is a reason why I didn't choose to be a nurse instead of an administrative person.

My facility accepted 50 patients from other evacuating hospitals and along with them came their family members, gazillions of little ragamuffin children, and an array of house pets. I had a dog in my office for a while. More dogs were out on the lawn and cats in carriers were all over the place. Fortunately, the family members and pets were bused off to a hotel but the 50 patients, the staff from their facilities, and most of our staff were going to be sleeping at the hospital for the weekend and until it's all clear to go home. If that place is flooded or without power, I'm not going back Monday. That's the spirit, huh? Well, the place is packed with people they have to feed and house and I feel I would be adding to the burden rather than helping anything. Without power, I won't be able to do any work anyway so I need to steer clear. I'm hoping there won't be a long lasting power outage. The hospital has back up generators for the essential patient care stuff. I hope my apartment doesn't flood. I put my computer towers up in high places but my furniture is on the ground level and if it floods, it will all get wet. I'm hoping that doesn't happen. I don't even have renter's insurance. I need to get some. I think that every time we have a hurricane headed for us... like every other week, it seems.

I had to come home this weekend anyway, because it is Miss Libby's birthday and girlfriend does not accept excuses about missing her birthday party. One time her dad missed it and she grilled him mercilessly. ha. Well, he should have come to her party, but that year he just didn't for some reason and when he did come by she called him by his first name instead of calling him dad and she said "You didn't come to my birthday party." he gave an excuse... and she calmly said "but you didn't come to my BIRTHDAY PARTY." he elaborated on his excuse and she said "but the problem IS... you did not come to my birthday party." No matter what he said, she cut right back to the main point. There was no throwing her off, she did not buy the excuse. No amount of cajoling or diversion could pull her off point. It was really funny. But yeah, I'm coming to the party. Damn skippy.

I toyed with the idea of not coming this weekend because my birthday is in 2 weeks and I'll just be coming riiiiiiiiiight back. That trip gets old when it is made too often.

I think this hurricane season has cured me of wanting to stay in Houston. I like Houston and it is a great city... love my radio station and my apartment and the 5000 restaurants and alllll the great culture and art and things to do... but the hurricanes are just too much hassle on a too frequent basis. Those people live under the constant threat of devastation. Last year I was barely aware of hurricanes, but this year we've had 3 hurricanes in a very short period of time that were coming right for us and we had to declare to the boss whether or not we would come to work during the hurricane. My plan is to NOT come to work in a hurricane, thank you very much. I'm trying to live, dude. They have clinical staff to take care of patients in disasters, they don't need me. Plus, I don't like it that my life can be arbitrarily put at risk in ways I would never choose to risk it because they didn't evacuate when they should have. Our facility should not have been accepting patients. We should have been moving ours inland. You don't "hunker down" with a hospital full of really sick people on the "Dirty side" of a cat 4 storm. Or a cat 3. Whichever.

I am going to take a shower and go see some people, since I'm in town. It's nice, so very nice, to not be at work today. I need to check out Ike's progress before I do anything else though.


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