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09/18/08 - 5:30 pm

I decided to come back to Hurricaneville, I mean Houston. This decision was ushered in by the constant haranguing I was receiving from the boss and the human resources lady. With the computers down and the internet offline, there's not much I can do for these people and I thought it was a great time for some absence without pay. They pretty much just wanted me here because they have to be here. I find it assinine, but I was wanting to see how my little abode fared in the big storm and I felt I had to come back before the boss got mad.

I was worried about broken windows,flooding, and fallen trees, not to mention looters. I prayed for my home and my stuff as I drove and I was thrilled to arrive and find no damage to my place other than limbs down throughout the complex. I live in a forest and many trees are down or ripped in half. I gathered my clothes, some books, and my netflix dvds and headed for the hospital where I will be living until power is restored at my place.

I totally lucked out and am being housed at our very nice sleep lab suite. I had AC, TV, cable, and a private bath and kitchenette. The bed is comfy and the sheets are good quality. I'm all set. Plus, my commute to work has been shortened to a stroll down the hall. This is the life.I was able to sleep in a little later because there's no drive time.

I will still be happy to get back to normal at my own place. We have overnight doctors who take turns sleeping here when they are on call. They are supposed to stay in the physician's sleep room that has been prepared for them, but they prefer the sleep lab. Last night I walked in and surprised a doctor who was rifling through my bag!! He was flipping through my books and checking out my stuff. He thought he was going to sleep in here and was angry when he found out he had to go to his designated room. I hope I don't have to defend my right to be here every night. I saw a news report this morning that claimed my zip code would be 80 percent restored by Monday, Sept. 22. That would be swell. I would just have to get through the weekend.

We still have no internet here, but thanks to my beloved Blackberry, I can update and stay in contact with people.

Yay for Blackberries!

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