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09/19/08 - 10:00 am

Yesterday when I was posting my entry about returning home after the hurricane, I forgot to mention that the awesome and newly appreciated staff at my apartment complex came around and took all the stuff out of my freezer in my absence!

I love those guys.

I found a note inside my apartment that said please remove everything from the freezer because with no power it will spoil and us tenants would be responsible for the cost of replacing the fridge. I was afraid to open it. I snuck up on it and worked up my nerve to snatch the freezer door open. Imagine my relief to find it empty! I'm so glad they did that for me.

The AC went out in my little sleep lab suite and the big smelly galoot that is supposed to make sure it gets fixed doesn't give a flying rat's ass whether or not it gets fixed, so I mentioned it to the boss and let fartknocker know that the boss thinks it's being fixed today. That way, he has a reason to care if it gets fixed. I was comfortable last night in a thin gown and a big boxfan pointed right at me, but it's hotter outside today, so I might not be comfortable if they don't get it fixed today. I could sleep in my office or possibly in a patient room in the cool area if it gets really bad.

Well... It's about time for my team conference meeting, so I'm off like a prom dress.


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