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10/06/08 - 12:20 pm

I moved from Louisiana to Texas almost 2 years ago and here I sit in a cajun restaurant. I escaped work for a lunch break.

I've made a disturbing realization about work. I spend fully 12 hours out of every 24, mon - fri on my life sucking, joy stealing job. If I sleep 8 hours a night, that only leaves me 4 hours a day to cram the rest of my life into and that 4 hours has to include laundry, housework, bill paying, etc. How WRONG is that, people???

I have been giving this a lot of thought and I have devised a plan to relieve this a little bit. I am going to set about engineering my work life so that I work from home. In my field of work, with the electronic medical records technology, this is totally do-able for me. It will take some doing, and won't happen overnight, but I have decided this is what I want to do.

Just imagine... I can get out of bed and hit the go button on my computer and brush my teeth while it boots up, then spend 8 hours working instead of getting up at 6, leaving by 7:15, work 8-5, drive home till 6 pm. I have 12 hours of crap I go thru every day for this job and I see a way to make it 8.

Damn skippy.

Other benefits include no more micro-managing boss, no more time wasting meetings, no more lunches out, gas money spent, or traffic! Plus, I can live anywhere I want. If there is a downside, I haven't discovered it yet.

So that's my new project. In other news, I just came back from visiting my family in Louisiana. It was for my birthday and my family's annual Oktoberfest celebration. It was fun, but way too fast. I had to drive a 10 hour road trip to spend one evening with my family and come back the next day. That is way too long a trip to make for such a short time. I'm going to start planning better to avoid that happening to me. I need to make my trips on long weekends.


I guess I should go back to work. ::sigh::

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