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10/21/08 - 11:25 am


Wow. I'm experiencing the joy of being a woman, today. These days, that includes mood swings, extreme fatigue, ungodly cramps, and an even lower-than-usual tolerance for fools. I also have an extremely distracting urge to bolt from work and burrow into my bed like a weevil in a bag of flour.

I forgot which part of this experience is the joyous part, but I suppose it beats pushing up daisies, so yay me.

I wish I felt better today because I have some things I would like to get done at work. I am plugging along slowly. A lady I work with had 4 brain aneurysms and brain surgery recently. I guess if she can be here today, I can.

Lately I have been feeling artistic. I want to do some painting before christmas. I used to be a fairly avid hobbyist, painting ceramic houses and santas but I haven't picked up a brush in ages. I brought some santas with me when I moved, but I haven't done anything with them yet. I am going to go to Hobby Lobby and get some new brushes and paints soon. I will make time to paint.

I still spend time on secondlife, but greatly reduced from when I was in the worst throes of addiction to it. Still, it takes up a lot of my limited free time.

It's almost halloween, people. I may have to think up some ghost stories or repost some of my old ones. People like the ghostie tales.

It's almost lunch time. I hope the lunch ladies are doing something good in there. I don't feel like going out.

Later gators!

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