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10/24/08 - Lunchtime

Well, here is me, blogging away in a restaurant once again. I had some BBQ ribs for lunch, so my blackberry may be a bit slippery and smokey scented after this. They gave me ONE napkin. One thin paper napkin at a greasy BBQ place. Are napkins really that expensive? I am a food waster. I left all my bread, a good amount of the meat, and basically all the beans. I scarfed up my potato salad like it was going out of style though.

It is Friday again! Already! This week flew by and I got a lot accomplished, which is always good. I am sneaking out early today. I want to go get some new art supplies cause I am feeling artsy lately. I am in my annual hap-hap-happy mood. It lasts through the Autumn season. I get almost manic with it. Totally a seasonal thing.

The weather is gorgeous today. Perfect temperatures, uncloudy, and I wish a bigger chunk of the year had weather like this. Living in the deep south means you don't get many days that feel great. It is usually too hot and humid or rainy/cold for winter. We get about 6 minutes of beautiful in late October though and I suck it up like a cat in the sunshine.

I have a musical recommendation for you. Those of you who like alternative rock music should check out the latest cd by "Kings of Leon". It's good stuff! It is kinda bluesy-ish in a way and it's substantial. The singer has a fantastic and unique sound to his voice. The first 4 songs are great. So great in fact, that I don't really get past them. I go back to song 1 when song 4 has finished. Give it a listen.

Everyone on my list of blogs that I read are slacking hard core. No one is updating. What up wit dat? I may have to cheat on you with another blogging community if this keeps up. Don't make me have to do that, baby.

I'm going to go back to work, do what I gots to do, and then I'll be out like a fat kid in dodge ball!

Later gators!

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