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2008-10-26 - 8:53 p.m.

Wow I was lazy this weekend. I surprised even me, and I already knew I was lazy. I did have extenuating circumstances. I'm still experiencing the joy of being a woman and as a result, I only have maybe two red blood cells left. Plus, I let myself run out of thyroid meds (was out for 4 days) and this causes me to sort of grind to a halt. I'm tired. I slept a lot this weekend, I got my meds refilled and got back on my thyroid today, so I should be feeling pretty swell in the near future.

I should be in pretty good form tomorrow. I'm all ready for the new work week and I'm feeling very lucky to have such a relatively easy job that gives me a good living. It's a good thing I can make a good living since I am doomed to live and die alone.

Ok, I'm not in the most cheery of moods. Truth is, I've been irritable this weekend and I miss my family. I moved far away from everyone I love and now here I am. Most days I feel fine but about once a month I wonder wtf I was thinking moving myself off into total isolation. The bad part is, I really don't want to go back to where I came from. There's no opportunity there, the pay sucks, and it's depressing. I had to travel all the time to make a good living and that is ok, but I am very very happy with my new home when I'm not whining about missing my family. It is a dilemma whether to stay away from home and have a nice career and a good place to live, or go back and wallow with my loved ones in Depressingville.

I think I'll just push this dilemma out of my mind and wait for my hormones to pick up a little. I'm hormonally challenged right now but in a day or two I'll be feeling crazy great. 'Cause I'm a nut, apparently.

I've noticed a great big slacking off of everyone (except artgnome )who used to be very active in D-Land. Are you guys cheating with another blogging service? Or have you all just gotten sick of blogging?

I am glad Juni still writes. I think we would have some good times together if we lived close enough to meet. I've been exploring a few random D-Land diaries and I've found some interesting stuff out there. Maybe people lose interest in blogging after a while and I need to supplement my favorites list with some newbies who still have the fire. I know I'm not nearly as creative as I used to be in here. My early entries were a lot more funny and entertaining.

What's going on with you guys?

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