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Nov. 6, 2008 - 11:30 am

I got 6 whole hours of sleep last night and I feel like I won the sleep lottery. That is kinda sad.

Prepare for some disjointed ramblings because I have nothing cohesive to say. I've been thinking lately, when I think of blogging, that some sort of external topic generator might be a good thing for inspiring more frequent writing. My problem here is that I feel bad if I blog about work stuff because that is really boring. Weeding out topics that I consider boring for my readers is preventing me from saying much. That, and fear of being googled somehow and discovered by people I don't want reading my blog and knowing it's me. Those are bad reasons for not writing and those bad reasons defeat the whole purpose of keeping a journal. I should be writing to journal my thoughts and if it entertains someone in the process, bonus.

Cool. I'm glad we had this little talk, Gentle Reader. I feel much better.

I'm wearing reading glasses right now. ::gasp:: I've always had excellent vision, but I'm seeing a decline in my visual accuity of late. Glasses make me "drunk" as my granny would say. They make me a little dizzy and off balance. I have to stay still when I wear them and just look at my target which is my blackberry at this moment. Sure does look bigger!

The boss is gone for the rest of today, which means my ass will be out like a fat kid in dodge ball by 4 pm. Slacker that I am.

My sister MyraMains has had some drama lately but I don't know if she will blog it. She oughta, it's blog-worthy. I ought to scoop her like the N*tional Unquirer, but I won't. Me and the sistah unit are going to have a girl's weekend in March. It will be a blast because Richard Cheese is playing a gig here and we're going. If you don't know who he is, google him and go to his official website for some laughs. He takes songs with rank lyrics, like hard rock and rap, very explicit and he remakes them in lounge lizard style. It's hilarious. We're big fans.

I'm feeling very creative here lately and I did go to Hobby Lobby to buy new art supplies. I've been doing a little painting. I paint ceramic Santa's and little highly detailed houses. I'm working on a Santa right now. Maybe I'll post some pics. I have to get a free photo host, since I am no longer paying Andrew.

It's almost lunchtime. I'm going to go eat lunch, then work like a maniacal beast for a few hours, then blow this pop stand.

Does anyone know what happened to Smedly? I haven't heard a peep out of him in ages. Smed, are you out there buddy?

I could say the same of some other beloveds, like sweet Klugarsh and Mr. Too-Happy-and-Settled-Down-in-Ohio, aka Gerg! What is going on here?

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