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11/10/08 - Time to Rant

I feel like venting my spleen. So here goes...

In no particular order of importance, here's a list of what sucks:

Bad hair days. (Yes, this is one.)

Fists of ham, when trying to delicately tap out an entry on your tiny blackberry.

People who hope you kill they mama in your facility so they can sue you.

Family members of patients who show up outta nowhere, without calling in advance, and demand to have a complete chart copied while they wait.

The ensuing wall eyed hissy fit said family members indulge themselves in the INSTANT you politely inform them that they cannot have whatever it is they are demanding.

Slow internet.

Ancient computer equipment, constructed entirely from dinosaur bones and held together by bacteria and dust.

Working till 5 pm instead of 4 pm as God intended.

Not being able to get work done due to crappy equipment.

Not being able to kill time on the net when you're sick of trying to work, because the internet and computer equipment at work are complete shit.

The corporate fun ruiners who make us use their shitty network because they're afraid we would have some occasional internet fun if they don't micro-manage us from another state.

There's more, but my record is stuck on the shitty equipment issue. ::sigh::

I'm about to go home for the day. That seems to be the answer to all the above listed sucky things.

Later gators!

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