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11/17/08 - 11:05 am

I have been so astoundingly productive this morning at work that I now feel entitled to waste a little company time updating my journal. I feel pretty good today because of a little thing called sleep. Too bad I didn't discover this sleep thing earlier in life.

I am feeling all kinds of holidayish this year. I haven't done a lick of christmas shopping, but I have been painting ornaments and santa figurines and stuff. I need to get on the shopping. I have 4 family birthdays to buy gifts for this month too. Christmas shopping is such a chore. Especially when you are blessed enough to have everything you need and most everything you want. It's hard to buy gifts for people who have everything. OK, that's a premium problem to have. Can't even bitch about that.

The whole fam damily is coming to my place for Thanksgiving. I am happy they are coming. My big plan is to have Thanksgiving dinner at Luby's cafeteria because it will be good and the mess will be left at the restaurant. I plan to make some desserts and a big fruit salad so we have holiday stuff to drill later in the evening. I might get a roasted chicken from the grocery store too, for the serious eaters who want some leftovers. Ha. Just anything but cooking it myself. I am capable of cooking a big holiday meal, but I ain't trying to do that in my apartment that is roomy for ONE but not so roomy for 8.

In second life news, my SL husband and I had our first wedding anniversary on Nov. 11. Can't believe a year has gone by already. SL time is like dog years times 3 or something, so we're almost ready for our golden anniversary. I have learned to build in there and now I am trying to learn photoshop so I can make clothes and more graphics. There are new grids popping up all over the place and I have considered setting up shop on one of these new grids. They don't have a lot of stores yet, so those first merchants can probably cash in. When you are the only store in the world that sells hair, you cannot help but do well, you know? Same with furniture and everything else.

Something crazy happened right on my anniversary in SL. I was in a big clothing store picking out stuff for my SL hubby when all of a sudden I had an ominous instant message from my spikey boy!! After a year and a half, he pipes up from the great abyss that he disappeared into the summer of '07. I was happy to hear from him and know that he is in-game, happily controlling someone else now. It was a little troubling that he was able to confront me face to pixel face in a store, and even more troubling was that he also appeared in a second location... And all coincidentally on my 1st wedding anniversary. What are the odds of that happening accidentally? So, I might be the renewed target of my old tried and true stalker boy, but that's ok. Ha. I'm ok with that.

It's an interesting second life. :-)

Later Gators!

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