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2008-11-25 - 11:52 p.m.

It's almost midnight and I am going to hammer out a quick entry before bed. The family is coming for Thanksgiving and I am glad. This has been a hard won visit, lemme tell ya.

I planned a nice Thanksgiving Day weekend with my family and invited them well in advance. I was happy and surprised they all agreed to travel here. They don't take kindly to road trips... or at least not trips to see lil ole me. But they agreed! So yay!

I went about making more in depth plans. I decided to get a bigger christmas tree instead of the little table top tree I had last year. The family was going to be here and I wanted to decorate early for christmas because that is all the family christmas festivity this apartment is going to see. Sooooo... I went and bought a tree, I hand painted some deep purple ornaments with 18 karot gold leafing, I decorated both trees and put out my big gorgeous garland...

We had all agreed last year to revisit the Texas Renaissance Festival and Thanksgiving weekend is the big blowout. It is all decked out for christmas on this final weekend and I was happy we were all going again.

Then I got wind that every one had decided they'd rather go to Hot Springs for the weekend. This pooped a giant cow paddy all over my holiday parade and I said so. Everyone seemed surprised that I was disappointed to have my whole plan shot down.

Never fear... we got that all worked out... my holiday weekend was back on. Whew... close one. Yes, it matters to me.

Thennnn... my mom calls and says she cannot get a room in her favorite hotel so she has lost the zest for the trip. She told me she wanted to drive all the way down here, eat turkey, and then go back home the next day.

Now my feelers are hurt.

Thennnnnnn... I got sick. Thursday of last week.. nausea.. barfy... other things... let's just say I didn't know which end to stick over the toilet. My stomach was cramping so violently. It was miserable. I was sick all weekend.

I finally got better by Monday and by this time good ole sister has talked to mom and sort of let her know it wasn't cool to wreck the whole weekend just because her favorite hotel isn't available. However, mom sticks to her guns about not wanting to go to the Renfest, when she was the one screaming the loudest last year about how we were all coming back and she was going to dress up in Renaissance garb for it this time. ::sigh::

Thennnnnn... miracles happen and fave hotel is now available. Mom is back on board. But my plan for where to eat Thanksgiving Dinner was kiboshed. Someone wanted to eat here instead of going to Luby's. I planned for us to eat the turkey dinner at the restaurant because my apartment is too small and I only have dinnerware for 8, glassware for 6. I wanted to eat the main dinner at the restaurant and leave the mess there... then come back here where I have lots of good things to eat. Holiday fruit salad, desserts, a spiral cut ham.. etc. I suspected the "home eaters" wanted to eat at home for the leftovers, so I made sure I would have a lot of good food for later.

So out of my plans, each element of it was almost foiled. I finally decided the restaurant plan stands.

Moral of the story: When you are invited someplace as a guest, you do not revise the plans. You just go and be a guest for the love o' pete.

I *think* everyone is happy about coming to my stupid holiday weekend now. Sheesh.

Happy Farkin Thanksgiving.

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