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12/01/08 - 11:15 am

Well I'm tired. Despite a refreshing 5 hour sleep, I'm tired.here I am at work again wondering how a lonnnng weekend got by me so quick. The boss isn't here today, so yay. I like the boss just fine but it just seems like an easier day when he's not here.
It has really been a MONDAY all day so far. Too much going on and too many random acts of stupidity are being performed willy nilly without a care. I have received some phone calls that were not my department and I gotta wonder if the receptionist's head stays up her ass at all times, even when she is off work.

I have come to realize that our new director of nurses is totally incompetant. She came in here today and asked me a series of ill formed questions that basically was asking me "what am I supposed to be doing?" This is not the first time I have had to tell her what she needs to be doing. Also, she has the worst breath I have ever had the misfortune of standing near. It's like moth balls. Super strength moth balls. No, not the little insect moths, perv. I don't know what those smell like, but I'll bet it beats this lady's breath to hell and back. It seems to be getting worse by the day. That kind of bad breath comes from having bridge work and not flossing under it. GROSS.

She came into my office blowing her dragon breath around, and she said that she had come in looking for a certain chart and it "wasn't there". So, she told me the med rec number and I immediately pointed to it on the shelf. I then explained terminal digit filing to her in easy terms - like I was talking to Corky - for the umpteenth time. She cannot pull a chart to save her life. I used to give Bink a list of charts to pull when she was a little kid and she had no problem doing it.

I want to ask the boss what was he thinking when he hired this boob, but I'm not sure he would handle the ribbing in the jaunty manner in which it would be given. Hehe. I knew after the first conversation with her that something was rotten in Denmark, because she asked me a bunch of stupid questions that she should already know if she's ever worked in a hospital before. I introduced myself to her as the health information management director and about 2 minutes later she asked me if there was a medical records department in our hospital! I said "uh, yeah. That would be me." Show me a hospital that doesn't have a med rec department, please. Aaaanyways.. This woman has said and done some things that made me doubt her sanity. She is a nice enough lady, but something seems to be seriously wrong with her. Fo real doe.

My whole family came to visit over Thanksgiving weekend and we got rained on all day at the renfest on saturday. That was swell. Then we got trapped in the parking area for 2 solid hours. Woohoo. Then, we got about a mile outside the parking area and had to sit and wait for a car accident to be cleared. Immediately after that, we were trapped at another car accident because people are incredibly brain impaired when it comes to driving. You know, it is verrrrrrrrrry difficult to drive a car down a road without running into the other cars. Sooo, this wreck was so bad we gave up on waiting for it to be cleared and went many miles out of our way to get home. We were all hungry and ended up eating mexican food really late at night, which is a mistake people. I finally got my cold, rained on, gritty self into the shower at about 1:15 am. Sounds like a bad day, but we laughed through it all. My sister was quite the trooper... She was very upbeat and optimistic while we were being pelted with cold rain. We really did have fun that day, but all the fun ended for her in the early morning when her load of mexican food came back up. Not so tasty the second time around, I'm guessing.

So it was another wet and wild weekend in Teetsville.

Oh look! Lunch time!

Later Gators...

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