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12/05/08 - 12:50 pm

Happy Friday people!!

Oh how I love a weekend! It's the only time when I can just do what I want to do and have some time for myself. I sincerely wish I could win the lottery and not worry about working anymore. I'd like to be able to just meander along life, choosing what I want to do instead of jumping through my ass doing all the stuff I have to do for other people, that really doesn't enrich my life at all.

I have a bunch of non-life enriching stuff to do this afternoon. It's going to enrich the hell out of the company I work for though. I will be coding some cases for payment.

Yesterday I smooth forgot about one of the totally useless conference calls that I am prevailed upon to attend every week. It's such a pointless time waster. I basically have to call in and read off a spreadsheet that I already updated and turned in each week. They are capable of reading it themselves... I just know they are. I have great faith in the corporate leaders' reading skills. It must be my amazing style and pinache. They just gots to hear me verbalize the info they are looking at. There are several time wasting meetings where we just say what we've already submitted in reports.

Nuff about work.

Christmas shopping!! Now THAT is a topic. I have bought one christmas present so far. I'm way behind. I plan to venture forth this weekend, in search of the do-dads of happiness. I will prolly end up shopping online anyways. Usually I have a bunch of fantastic ideas for my mom's christmas present, but this year I don't know what to get her. I got my dad the greatest birthday present. I can't top it. I got him some Bose speakers for his computer and he LOVED it. I have ZIP for christmas. No clue. I must at least get a plan this weekend.

I guess I'll keep this short and sweet because I really have a ton of work to do today and I want to sneak my ass out of here at the earliest possible moment, so I have to get after it.

Later Gators!!

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