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12/10/08 - 1:07 pm

The hot tamale man came around to my workplace selling tamales. I bought some for my lunch and now I'm all tamale'd out. They were good. I only thought briefly about the fact that there's no inspector making sure his kitchen is clean and that sort of thing. Everyone here seems to know and trust this guy.

I had too much of a good thing.

I'm so sleepy today. Oh... My fortune for a nap.. Uh, scratch that. I wouldn't even trade a day's pay for a nap, as evidenced by the fact that I am here today. Speaking of days off, I should have tried calling in gay today. I'm hetero, but if calling in gay would get me a day off, I'd be willing to call in gay as an easter bonnet. I wonder how many homophobes called out of work this morning and then found out it was "A Day Without a Gay" and gay people are supposed to call out of work for the day. Hehe

Yesterday it was 74 degrees here in Houston and today it's 30-something degrees. Mother nature is trying to kill us. It would be swell if we could pick a season and go with it.

I've already accomplished what had to get did today at work and now I'd like to leave. ::sigh:: My unreasonable boss expects me to be here like 5 days a week and he thinks I should stick around for 8 or 9 hours, even if I'm done working by 1 pm. Sheesh!

It's cold in my office. My nose is cold. I'm going to put my coat on. I'm sporting my ashamed avenger cape today. It's red. You may remember, Gentle reader, that my mom got me a hideous granny coat for a birthday gift one year and I was so convincing in my "love the gift" act that she got me this red one the very next year, to my utter horror.

Well, the thing is, I hates me some ponchos. This thing is basically a poncho. A red one, no less. No chance of blending into the scenery in a big red poncho. However, this here shame poncho is apparently quite fashionable and I have seen quite a few young women wearing them. A lady stopped me a few days ago and went wild over my styoopid poncho. She loved it. I get lots of compliments on it and it's comfy and warm so I wear it as if it were just my taste. Strangers don't know I'm the ashamed avenger.

On Thanksgiving weekend my whole family came to see me and on black friday we went shopping. A couple of funny things happened at the Ross store. I am not a fan of Ross, because it is always a hot mess and it's always full of people who look homeless. I'd rather pay full price in a swankier shop than get a bargain in a dump. My mom is the same way. We're shopping snobs and we don't care. Bink loves Ross because she is into bargain hunting. That girl can squeeze a penny till it screams. So, the whole famn damily was up in da Ross and me and sister were looking at stuff together. She spotted a damn granny poncho and pulled it out to show me. I was horrified and I immediately started looking to make sure my mom wasn't seeing it. I growled "Hide that for the love of God! Hurry! Before mom sees it!! Are you crazy? Christmas is coming!!!" It was funny, but I was panicking a little inside. Me and my sister had a good laugh.. Especially sister. ::flat stare::

Later, we had all split up and I was looking for my mom. I found sis and asked her where's mom and dad? She said "oh, they're sitting outside, hatin on this store." I asked why and sis said "oh, someone farted and mom walked into it and it ruffled her up." Hilarious. I went outside and couldn't stop laughing. Sure enough, my folks were outside waiting for the rest of us. I hurt myself re-laughing about it just now. That is a perfect representation of a trip to the Ross store. Covert farters gliding around the store, assing the merchandise.


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