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12/17/08 - 11:05 am

I am having a good day. My hair looks good today and that always makes a good start to a work day. I love a good hair day.

I'm trying to recall whether or not I have written about the dumbass chief nursing officer we have been enduring around this place lately. I know I have mentioned her, but I don't remember what all I've told so far. Basically, she is utterly incompetant. I've never quite seen anything like it. I believe this woman was sharper when she was in college, but has suffered a decline in cognitive function in the years since then. Her complete lack of knowledge in all areas including just basic common knowledge stuff is absolutely amazing.

I am happy to report that she has resigned. The boss was fairly jubilant when he was informing me of this. I had discreetly taken him aside one day to let him know that she was doing things that will reflect badly on all of us and he said that others had come to him as well with concerns about her incompetance.

A few examples of her crazy behavior: she wore a pair of pants 5 days in a row that she spilled coffee on. She smelled like coffee for 5 days. She wore one entire outfit, head to toe, including the accessories, for two days in a row. I suspect she slept in it. She asked me not to give away an original chart and suggested that I make a copy of it to send out instead. This is crazy talk, because no medical records person would ever ever ever give the original away. She kept hiring agency nurses to do shifts without trying to schedule our own staff nurses. She was forbidden to use agency nurses and she kept right on scheduling them. She did not understand that they cost double what our staff nurses get. She loudly whispered things non-stop during a conference call and then wouldn't let me tell the corporate people on the call that she was there, even though she had been ordered to attend. That was the corker for me and I had a talk with the boss. I could see that her crazy ass was going to get us all in a pickle. She made another blunder of some sort, got that ass chewed, and quit. So yay. There is great joy in the work place today. I feel kinda bad for her because she has lost her paycheck and because something is mentally wrong with her, but we are a high accuity hospital and she was a danger. We have to have a competant clinical leader.

I have been a chart slinging mosheen lately. I got all caught up on my coding and jumped on these charts with both feet this week. This morning in the morning meeting the boss said our facility is well below budget and our labor costs were fantastically low. This is because we're understaffed. I said "ooh, that makes me GLAD I don't have a helper." Hehehe.

The day is like half over and I'm not a miserable clock watcher today because I am excited about getting this stuff done. Sometimes I enjoy my job. I've gotten more sleep lately and that makes all the difference for me. When I feel good, I'm unstoppable.

I guess I should get back to the old grind. I hope, Gentle Reader, that you are having a good Wednesday too. And for the love-o-Pete, post something!!! Slackers!!


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