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12/30/08 - 3:45 pm

Another christmas has come and gone. We've almost got another year in the can. Time flies when you are having fun. Time flies anyway and the older you get, the faster it flies by. The first 12 years of life take forever and then it just steadily speeds up.

I felt nice and christmasy this year and I am proud to report that I did not receive a third granny poncho of shame this year! Woohoo! I must admit that I kinda like the red one now. It used to embarrass me, but I am numb to that now. Who'da thunk humiliation wears off?

My sister and I got each other very similar gifts because we think alike. I got her a "box-o-delights" and she got me a "basket-o-delights" and some of the delights were the same things. Hehe. We had a lot of fun this year.

I have a few good things in the works for the upcoming year. This past year was relatively low stress and I have really enjoyed living in the great republic of Tejas. Did you know, Gentle Reader, that Texas is the 11th largest economy in the WORLD?? That's amazing to me. Texas refines 85 percent of the country's gasoline. We have enough oil to last the citizens of Texas for the next 300 years! Texas is the home of Nasa and so we've got space exploration covered. Texas grows plenty of meat and vegetables. The state could exist as a self supporting country. I was born in Texas and now I'm back. I wish my family would move too so it wouldn't be such an ordeal to see them.

Let's seeeee... What else do I want to say? Nuffin, I guess.. I'm taking a break from the monotony at work by posting an update and now I've been snagged by a patient's family wanting medical record copies so I have to go tend to that.

Happy new year everyone!!!

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