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01/02/09 - 9:35 am

I may not have time for a decent entry. I am expecting a doctor to show up for a meeting that lasts half a day every friday. Woohoo. I am ready for said meeting and don't want to get involved in other work before he shows up. It seems so wrong to be here today after yesterday was a holiday. Coming back in for a Friday is a travesty of justice.

On New Years Eve, I felt rather alone in the world as I frequently do, and I felt anxiety because there is a wife-beating assclown terrorizing my old neighborhood where my sister and her 2 kids live. If you are a wife beater and a dumbass, get your eyeballs off my blog and never come back. Thank you. I now will assume there are none of these type monsters reading my blog.

Anyhooooo... Sometimes I feel bad about being isolated from everyone I love. I know I have people who love me, but sometimes I feel alone in the world. I'm not really... But still. I think for 2009 I will cultivate some friendships here in houston. There are some people who want me to come out and socialize and I just haven't done it. I need to live my life a little more and mingle with a few flesh and blood people.

I watched a bunch of episodes of season 3 of The Biggest Loser. It was awesome. The guy that won the season started out at 407 pounds and he just looked terrible. He was huge and he looked like he wouldn't be handsome even if he was thin. I'll have you know he finished up the season 214 pounds lighter in an athlete's physical condition. He looks hunky! He got handsome. The other contestants looked great too and because they exercised it off, they look like they never had a weight problem and their skin is tight. They look great. It was all very touching the way these people transformed themselves.

Yesterday I stayed home ALONE all day long and I cooked a new year's day dinner for just me. In the south, we eat black eyed peas for luck and cabbage for money every new years day. This is apparently just a southern thing, since none of my east coast friends have heard of such. I will have my luck and money though cause I ate the right stuff. Damn skippy.

I've been writing down my dreams when I wake up in the morning and then interpreting the meaning later with the help of Mr. Philly, who's great at that sort of thing. My dreams are very interesting in the way they tell me things. I can see what I'm going through subconsciously by looking at my dreams. Lately I keep dreaming about a few recurring themes. Cell phones keep popping up, which represents communication, and I keep seeing a spiral staircase that I try to climb, just knowing that something good is up there. I can't see what is up there, but I'm certain I want to go up and I'm unafraid of it. Makes me think I'm moving ahead and reaching new heights. It seems positive.

Well... I'm thinking I need to get this posted and track down Dr. McLate and see if he's going to show up or not.

Have a good one!

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