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01/19/09 - 11:11 am

So... The new schedule is working out great for me! I have not had a single unfortunate episode involving my snooze button as I had feared would happen. I am getting more sleep and this is giving me a new lease on life. It is so hard to work when I'm exhausted. I have had to face the fact that I cannot go without sleep as I used to do. I show up at work way before the boss and a certain pressure is off me because of that. He is very frowny upon tardy people and way overly impressed with early birds. So tweet tweet says I.
Being able to leave legitimately at 4 pm is fantastic. I gleefully skip to my car each day at 4, feeling like I'm escaping. Ok, not so much with the skipping, but I'm happy. The workday seems shorter and I am more productive on this schedule. Wow. I would never in a million years have believed I could be a morning person.

Shit. I must be getting old. Next thing you know, I'll be wanting to have dinner at 3 in the afternoon.

I need to find the time to search for a new layout. This one is tired. I made this one myself and it has served me well. I am thinking I need to start updating every day and just use the entry to relate the most noteworthy thing that happened the day before. That could result in some entries that say things like "had a really itchy kneecap all day" so be warned. Ha.

A lot of crazy things happen to me and I have sort of misplaced the flavah that my blog used to have. It's like the 7 year itch or something. I have been too mundane for too long.

This week I am going to meet a woman from a local forum that I am a member of and we are going to have dinner. She is a nice person and I have been acquainted with her on the forum for about a year or so. We decided it's about time we met. I hope the conversation flows and I don't feel totally weird. I believe they call this "social anxiety". I have decided to make some friends in this place so I will have a life... I mean a network of friends. I realized recently that the closest person to be notified in case of emergency is 5 hours away. I need some people close by. It would be nice to have a few friends to go to dinner with or see a movie every now and then.

Turns out, I'm not a rock, nor an island. I might need other humans afterall.

So, what are you guys up to??

Later gators!

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