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01/28/09 - 09:17 am

I almost died of boredom a couple of days ago. It was a close call. Some days I love my job and feel a sense of happiness and opportunity. Other times... not so much. Two days ago I was insanely bored with my lot in life but yesterday a good thing or two happened that livened it all up again.

For one thing, one of the corporate bosses wants to send me to Las Vegas because they need a coder at one of our hospitals there. The boss here doesn't want me to go, because he has this place so flippin understaffed that they really can't spare me. The two guys will battle it out. Anyways.. I may or may not be going to Vegas and that little bit of possibility was revving me up until it got overshadowed by something even better.

I called a big hospital that is probably less than a mile from where I live just to see if they have any job openings in my job field and they do! They have 2 higher level jobs in my area of expertise, so I dusted off the old resume, updated it with my newest skillz, and sent it over to HR. The recruiter called me right back and I missed her call, but they want to talk to me about a position there! Now the question becomes "How much does it pay?" Companies might as well post that info up front, but they always try to hold off the money talk. If this place will pay me what I make now or reasonably close, it is well worth a move. I would totally eliminate my commute!!! When you can say that in Houston, you are saying something! Traffic and commuting is a nightmare here. It would be so cool to work right by my home. I could sleep later! I could go home for lunch! This means I could get a dog! I don't want to leave a puppy alone for 8 hours straight. Anyways.. If they want to pay me well, I will most likely be jumping ship.

I took the job I have now so I could learn the payment system for this type of specialty hospital. I have done that now. I am glad I came here, but it would be so much better to work closer to home. I might even move to a new villa if I change jobs. There is a new complex that has been built and is still being built. I need to go tour that place. I might move there anyway, whether I change jobs or not.

I have lots of things to work over in my mind while I do my dull as dirt job.

I must say... Every day as I drive in to work, I am thankful for my dull job because it has that cool paycheck thing that happens every other week. So many people are being laid off and they would dearly love to be in my paycheck-having shoes. I am blessed.

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