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02/02/09 - 2:05 pm

I have to point out something that I have been recognizing as bullshit and wanting to mention, but just haven't yet. Today for some inexplicable reason, I can no longer remain silent about this matter. I have reached critical bullshit mass.

There is a D-Land blog that was supposedly started by a 6 year old. This blog is updated very frequently, infact, way more often than any child on earth would ever do anything more complicated than a mandatory bodily function. This person is online during the day (when 6 year olds are in school attempting to write their own name in block letters and spell words like "cat"). This blog is written in perfect english and reads just like anadult trying to sound like a child. The person who writes this blog maintains that "he" was a 6 year old boy when the journal was started, but that he is now 9.

Smell that?


The narrative is way too advanced for a child of this age. The spelling is perfect. How many 6-9 year olds do you know who can turn in a creative writing assignment every day and get a perfect grade on the spelling and sentence structure?

Now, there is no reason for me to be upset about this. And I'm not. I'm just confused. I don't know why a person would keep up a charade like that. Why post as a little child? I just wonder if this person is playing a character and is just enjoying the writing exercise of it, or is there a person out there who really thinks people are buying this? Or maybe it's a psycho who really believes they are a small child. I wonder if this person has access to any children so they can observe that children don't have the written language mastered by age 6, nor do they have the dedication to produce what amounts to a big daily homework assignment that they don't have to do. Bizarre.

In other news... I'm hungry right now because I had lunch here at work and it was an epic fail. The lunch ladies must have been smoking crack. Undercooked and non-seasoned chicken with bland frozen vegetables and a tiny bit of rice. No bread, no salad, no dessert. Clearly, they are trying to kill us.

I am contemplating going to a fast food place. Hungry.

So hungry.

It's about time for me to go see my family. I haven't seen any of those birdholes since christmas. I miss everybody.

And how is YOUR day going?

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