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2009-03-02 - 7:05 p.m.

So I haven't updated in a while. I've been busy and pre-occupied with keeping a secret. The secret is hopefully pictured below. I opened a photo hosting account since I was too cheap to pay Andrew when my gold membership expired. I don't know if I am doing this right... but here goes a try.

Meet Dexter, my new fur baby:
Meet Dexter

He's a wild and crazy guy. Two pounds of pure canine fury. I figured a woman living alone needs a fierce attack dog.

He likes to climb into my shirt when I am at the computer. Here's a picture of him peeking out of the cleavage.

Dex hides out in my shirt

The potty training is going rather well, much to my relief. I am trying to teach him not to bite me so hard when he's playful. He was born December 18th. Unfortunately, he seems to be a bit of a yapper. He's very vocal. I feed him on a schedule so he will poop on a schedule and when he wants some food in between meals, he sits in the kitchen and barks because he knows that is where the food magic happens. When his water bowl is empty (because he thinks it's fascinating to dump it over and watch the water flow out) he sits there and barks at his bowl. He argues. Vocally. He's pretty bossy for a guy who only weighs 2 pounds.

The reason it was a secret was because Bink was coming to visit and I wanted to surprise her. It was hard not to tell her in advance. She flipped out, of course. I had the whole family sworn to secrecy, except for Libby, who doesn't know yet. She's gonna freak out in all her 7 year old glory. I am taking him to meet the whole family next weekend. That should be ..... fun... or maybe a nightmare with the puppy pads and the trying not to let him go where he's not supposed to. My sister has 2 big rambunctious cats who will most certainly see Dexter as prey, so it might be a rough one, this visit.

Lemme post this and see if my pics worked.

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