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420 dude - 11:40 am

I am updating from my crackberry.

Just now, while I was pecking out this entry painstakingly on my tiny crackberry keyboard, I received a text message. Yippee! So I clicked over to check it, knowing I could come back and work on this entry without losing it in the process. It was a picture mail... Didn't recognize the phone number... And the picture was of an explicit nature. It appeared to depict a cunning linguist speaking the language of lurve into some ho's crotchal region. Yodeling in the canyon, as it were. I tried to look up the number on the net so I could use the happy texter's name in my return message, but alas, I would have to pay for that info, so I just sent a message that said "wrong number, sport." That is the most unique event of my day so far, but the day is young, isn't it?

I do have a newsworthy item to report in the personal life category. Mr. Philly, that rascally cad, is coming to visit me next month! The airlines have been notified, the wine is on chill, the rock festival tickets are at the ready. We're going to have a fun time. We'd better! I had to give up my sweet SL hubby for this. My sweet, married in real life, active sex life having, yet too jealous to share me with a real life guy, SL hubby. That one. Yeah.

But hey, fun times ahead!!

And how are YOU today???

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